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Venus And Mars (Having a female friend)

 Defensible female friends

Having a female friend can bring many good things into man's life. A man can go to her for inside advice when the inner workings of his girlfriend’s mind are making him crazy. He can spend the evening with her when he aren’t in the mood for testosterone-fueled competition. She will be there for him when he need someone to talk to. Unfortunately, having a woman as a friend can also cause plenty of discord, especially in our relationship with our girlfriend... How can i maintain a friendship with someone of the opposite sex while preserving the harmony in my romantic relationship?
There are some girls that a man can have as friends without his girlfriend being able to justifiably complain about it. She might grumble about it, but she’ll have no ground to stand on. These women include those he were friends with before he got together with his girlfriend and those who are clearly in happy, stable relationships of their own. She also shouldn’t have a leg to stand on if she tries to bitch about a female friend that he is obviously not attracted to physically.

Men and women have many differences, but that shouldn’t stop us from being friends. A friendship between a man and a woman can be just as platonic as the ones you share with your male friends, but it does require a little extra attention to make sure everyone involved is comfortable with the situation. You don’t have to give up your girl friend just because you have a girlfriend. Just be honest and aware of their feelings and you should be able to have the best of both worlds. 


Jealousy can work wonders...

Women are unpredictable...


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