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7:14 PM
Money is the comprehensive source for Def's personal finance needs.

Def is now, in the mist of making money...Through the ages, money has become not only a medium of exchange and a unit and store of value, but also a historical document on the culture, religion and everything he do.

Financial literacy is understanding what money is about, while financial capacity is knowing how to use his money so that he can tie in with even prime minister's idea of a new economic model, which is a high value-added culture and way of operating.

Def compiled opportunities, ideas and concepts that people have used to generate income either as a part-time activity or as a full scale business. Some may seem very ordinary, some a little offbeat - but every one of our ideas to make money can be developed into a successful home based business or small business!That's the philosophy behind Money Ideas of Def.

These business ideas and small business opportunities are realistic and practical, waiting for the someone like YOU.
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Toruk Makto of Def Soul

6:13 PM
The Great Leonopteryx, is an airborne predator native to Pandora. It is scientifically known as Gavilandora maxima.. this ain't Leonopteryx.. But The one Known As Ford Ranger XL.. Ain't at Pandora but Ma own Neighborhood..Its My ride...
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