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Def Soul to Def Style

12:28 PM
Def Soul to Def Style


Hows it going? First of all, Morgan A.k.a Def Soul is my name. Def Soul is my stage name. More like a nickname. Most people recognize me as Def Soul. Officially today 28/02/2010, 12:00 am i’m changing my stage name or i’ll be also Known as DEF STYLE!

Name change is a basic legal act that is recognized in practically all legal systems to allow an individual the opportunity to adopt a name other than the name given at birth, marriage, or adoption.

In the aftermath of some issues, unsuccessful agenda, or dreams, i often want to change my name back to the name that i went by before i were called Def Soul. It may be in order to remove any aspect of my previous path way from my lives in the case of an acrimonious lifetime, or it may be simply to ensure a fresh start and a point from which to relaunch my life. Just as taking DEF STYLE name marked a new era..


* The word DEF is hip hop slang, generally meaning a positive adjective used as a superlative. Taken from the root word ‘definitive’, if something is ‘def’ then it is classified as being very good.

* The word STYLE may refer to Design, the process of creating something. Fashion, a prevailing mode of expression. Style (Fiction), an aspect of literary composition.. it is also applied extensively in positive sense, as an alternate term for words like glamor and style. In this case fashion is a kind of communal art on the basis of which a culture examines its concept of beauty and goodness.

The motivation behind this is an activation or energization of goal-oriented behavior. DEF STYLE Is my Extrinsic motivation…

God Bless.. 
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