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Top 15 Ways to Get Upgraded on a Flight

2:50 PM
Be nice. Get mad. Be early. Be late. These are some of the contradictory tips travelers have to offer when it comes to trying to score a free flight upgrade.
In a recent report out of Skyscanner, 61 percent of flight attendants said they’ve bumped flyers up from economy to premium class cabins, giving preference to well-dressed passengers, those with frequent flyer status, and good manners.
Readers of the same site offered their own tips on how to score a free upgrade based on their own experiences.

1. Travel off-peak
With more empty seats upfront, you increase your odds of filling one yourself.

2. “Spend lots of money”
Passengers who pay up the nose for their economy seat are more likely to be pitied by ticketing agents and score a free upgrade than those who got a deal.

3. Rack up points
Flyers with even the basic airline membership will be given preference over passengers who don’t have a loyalty card.

4. Be early
There are different camps for this one. In the first, some flyers say that checking in early increases your odds of scoring the last remaining seats in first class. Continue reading for the second school of thought.

5. Be late
It’s a bit of a gamble but some readers suggest that checking in late increases your odds of being bumped — but only if the stars align. For example, you have to hope that the flight is overbooked in economy, which would mean being bumped to first class. All depends on how much of a risk-taker you are.

6. Stay connected
Airlines will contact flyers offering upgrades on the day of departure if the flight is overbooked.

7. Throw a tantrum
Again, this can either work for or against you. Some readers say throwing a fit and getting angry can yield results — but only when the fit is within reason. Use with discretion.

8. Get sad
Skyscanner calls it emotional blackmail. Again, use with caution.

9. Be nice
One reader tells the tale of how he happily swapped seats with a man who wanted to sit with his wife. A flight attendant rewarded his good deed by seating him in business class.

 10. Ditch the sweats, don the good threads
There is a certain cachet to being seated in business class. So if you want to increase your odds of  joining this elite group of flyers, dress the part. Because you can be sure that tracksuits will derail any chances of being bumped.
11. How charming are you?
If you’re a smooth talker, here’s where you need to turn it on. Some readers say throwing a compliment to check-in staff and cabin crew can go a long way — all the way up to the front of the plane.

12. Get a diplomatic passport — or marry one
Right. Well, more doable for some than others, readers say that a diplomatic passport is your passport to premium travel.

13. “Super-size yourself”
Again, questionable, but given the controversies brewing concerning overweight passengers, some readers suggest that those who are too fat to fit in economy seats increase their odds of being bumped to roomier seats upfront.

14. Befriend airline employees
They’re your best bet to getting behind the business class curtain.

15. Don’t ask
Check-in staff are unlikely to reward passengers who ask for a free upgrade. But those who are pleasant and solicit nothing may increase their odds of a bump up front.

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Montreal debut for YOO inspired by Starck

6:49 PM
PHILIPPE STARCK has unveiled images detailing his luxurious ‘Yoo inspired by Starck’ Quebec design debut.‘Yoo Montreal‘ is a 20-storey residential complex comprising 96 apartments decked out with hot tubs and fireplace-adorned terraces.Offering unrivaled views over downtown Montreal, Starck’s interior design concept echoes the rawness of the building’s architecture, with heavy use of concrete, timber and leather representing the mineral, vegetable and animal elements of the natural world.
ADVERTISEMENTReflective surfaces add a playful element to the utilitarian space, which features polished chromes and sparkling chandeliers contrasted against concrete flooring.

Horse imagery is a common reference throughout the design, incorporated as an homage to the area’s locally famous Griffintown Stables.Buyers will be able to choose from three design palettes for the apartments: Minimal, Nature and Culture.“Montreal is an extremely unique city,” says French designer Starck. “I don’t believe there is anything like it anywhere else in the world.“The colorful mosaic, cultural richness, and vibrancy of Montreal and its Griffintown district provide the ideal soil for the creation of the kind of fertile surprises that Yoo specializes in — spaces and objects designed to open people’s eyes, engage conversation and spark interaction.”
 Construction of Yoo Montreal will start this summer and the project is set to be completed in 2016.


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11:35 PM

Jiya Laage Na - Shankar Mahadevan, Leslie Lewis 


Intrumentalist: Zoheb-Keyboard, Darshan-Drums, Nyzel-Electric Guitar, Dibyajyoti-Bass Guitar, Sanjoy-accoustic guitar, Arun-Percussion, Deepak-Dholak, Navin-Tabla, Sarangi - Ustaad Liyakat Khan, Sitar - Ravi chary



(Shankar Mahadevan)
Mere piya tere bina jiya laage na (4)
Kahoon kaase bataa
Yoon na sataa
Naahin laage
Naahin laage
Jiya laage na
Mere piya tere bina jiya laage na (4)
Naahin laage
Naahin laage
Jiya laage na

Khagen Da
Bihuti adoror Bihuti xadoror
Bihu amar bukure dhon
Enua bihuti eribo lagile
Nathake axomor maan

(Shankar Mahadevan)
Karoon main raat raat
Intezaar aaj yahaan
Kisi ko kya pataa, yeh pyar ka nashaa
Lagee lagan jiya mein ek baar aaj yahaan
Kabhi ruke na chal pada jo silsilaa

Karoon main raat raat
Intezaar aaj yahaan
Kisi ko kya pataa, yeh pyar ka nashaa
Lagee lagan jiya mein ek baar aaj yahaan
Kabhi ruke na chal pada jo silsilaa

(Shankar Mahadevan)
Yeh kya kiya, yeh kya kiya
Naahin laage, naahin laage
Jiya laage na

Mere piya tere bina jiya laage na (4)
Naahin laage
Naahin laage
Jiya laage na

Megha Dalton
Hai re hai re hai(2)
Bhuti bhala kati kan chuti
nihuri nihuri danda(3)
tuti re bhuti bhala kan chutti
Hai re hai re hai

(Shankar Mahadevan)
Khushi se jhoomne lagi yeh aaj zindgaani
Nazar nazar pe hai asar naya naya
Yeh bekhudi nahin toh aur kya hai khabar
Jiya machal rahaa hai kyun zara zara

Khushi se jhoomne lagi yeh aaj zindgaani
Nazar nazar pe hai asar naya naya
Yeh bekhudi nahin toh aur kya hai khabar
Jiya machal rahaa hai kyun zara zara

(Shankar Mahadevan)
Yeh kya kiya, yeh kya kiya
Naahin laage, naahin laage
Jiya laage na

Mere piya tere bina jiya laage na (4)
Kahoon kaase bataa
Yoon na sataa
Naahin laage
Naahin laage
Jiya laage na
Mere piya tere bina jiya laage na

Mere piya tere bina jiya laage na

(Shankar Mahadevan)
Mere piya tere bina jiya laage na
Naahin laage, naahin laage(3)
Jiya laage na

Mere piya tere bina jiya laage na

(Shankar Mahadevan)
Mere piya tere bina jiya laage na 

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11:30 PM

Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd,Ramya Iyer and Rupmatii Jolly,Coke Studio

Written by the renowned poet-lyricist Fayyaz Hashmi, this Ghazal has been sung by many artists.

Rupmatii Jolly
Dono jahan teri
mohabbat mein haar ke
Woh jaa raha hai koi
shab-e-gum guzaar ke
Viraan hai maikeda,
gumon sa ghar udaas hai
Tum kya gaye, ke ruuth
gaye, din bahaar ke

Ramya Iyer
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo
Youn hi pehlu mein baithe raho
Youn hi pehlu mein baithe raho

Aaj jaane ki zid na karo
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo

Haaye mar jaayenge hum to
loot jaayenge
Aisi baatein kiya na karo
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo

Rupmatii Jolly
Bheegi hui, aankhon ka yeh,
manzar na, milega
Ghar chodd ke, na jao
kahi, ghar na, milega

Ramya Iyer
Tum hi socho zara, kyun
na roke tumhe
Jaan jaati hai jab uth
ke jaate ho tum
Jaan jaati hai jab uth
ke jaate ho tum
Tumko apni kasam jaan-e-jaan
Baat itni meri maan lo
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo

Haaye mar jaayenge
hum to loot jaayenge
Aisi baatein kiya na karo
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo

Rupmatii Jolly
Niyetein shouk bhar na jaye kahi
Tum bhi dil se utar na jaye kahi
Aaj dekha hai tumko der ke baad
Aaj ka din guzar na jaye kahi

Niyetein shouk
bhar na jaye kahi
Tum bhi dil se utar
na jaye kahi
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How to find the perfect rosé wines

10:11 PM
ROSÉ WINES, sometimes known as blush wines, are often the ideal accompaniment for a summer barbecue.
But between those produced in California, France, Australia and Corisca, there are countless rosés, and it can be difficult to make the right choice.

Here are six tips to keep in mind when browsing the rosé section at your local wine shop.
1) Observe the color
The ‘robe’ of a rosé can help you find the flavor you’re looking for. And unlike whites and reds, rosés almost always come in a clear bottle.
A lighter, almost clear color indicates citrus and exotic fruits notes, while a darker robe indicates notes of strawberry, blackcurrant and red fruits.
2) Identify the grape varieties
While not the most important factor when choosing a rosé, the types of grapes used can nonetheless provide some indication of tasting qualities.
While Merlot and Cabernet lend notes of red fruits, Grenache and Cinsault are characterized by more citrusy notes and tend to provide more full-bodied rosés. However, that these are generalizations and do not always hold true.
3) Remember that color is no indication of sugar content
A number of oenophiles have a penchant for either dryer or sweeter wines. And while intuition may suggest that a slightly darker wine would contain more sugar, this is a misconception. A clearer rosé is not necessarily dryer. In France, the designation of “sec” (dry) on the label may be used only on wines that contain less than 4 grams of sugar per liter.
And although labelling requirements are often different in other countries, some producers designate whether their rosés are dry or sweet.

4) For French wines look for “AOC” or “IGP” on the label
This tip applies only to French wines, where the notion of “terroir” or place is seen as perhaps the most important factor in determining a wine’s quality.
The terms “Appellation d’Origine Protégée” (AOP) or “Indication Géographique Protégée” (IGP) both prove that the wine was produced within a given territory.
In the hierarchy of wine label distinctions, AOP is the more prestigious, as it also certifies that the wine was produced according to a rigorous set of standards. Both of these distinctions may be taken as a guarantee of quality.

5) Keep certain years in mind
The year any wine was produced offers insight into its tasting qualities, and rosés are no exception. Wines from the previous year (2013, in this case) are likely to be described as fresh, lively and aromatic.
For a more full-bodied rosé, with notes of dried fruits and nuts, look to wines produced in 2012 and 2011. Finally, more mature rosés are aged between 5 and 8 years. Produced in barrels, these wines present a hint of vanilla.

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Hair Trends From Around The World

12:04 AM
Finding a great hairstylist is no easy task. It's about as easy as finding a great boss -- they're out there, but it takes a lot of trial and error.
A good hair cut, A fresh cut that, whenever you are at home, you can do it by yourself.

If you’ve got a wider face you need to narrow it down; if you’ve got a long face, you need to make it wider. If you’ve got a large forehead, you might want to decrease that size.

What makes a good haircut? 

It’s 100% a question of a feeling, where he wants to express a feeling he has about the model. To express it in his work. It’s about freedom. A man who wants to feel free. It’s 100% a question of a feeling, where he wants to express a feeling he has about the model. To express it in his work. It’s about freedom. A man who wants to feel free. People today can be quite stressed in everyday and they have to somewhere express that they can be free as well…

The biggest mistake for a man is putting body wash in the hair. It’s not OK, because it’s too hard. The most men's problems on the hair is the skin -- they have a skin that’s not OK.

The most product he knows is the gel.

There’s a lot of other things you can do for your styling.

No experimental. The normal man is coming every time and saying, "The same cut as last time."

I’ll show you the cool guy -- this is better than words. CHECK OUT THE PICTURES. In the big cities, in Frankfurt or Berlin, are the guys... They have a full beard, tattoos. A classic haircut and the beard or something like that. This is the style. 

The first thing is the barber on the backside. He must do a very good job for a good haircut. And the technical, and to have a look. To have a feeling of what looks good on the man. It’s lifestyle. When [he] comes in and sits down, we have a talk together.

There's a return of the beard.A lot of length at the top of the head and very short in the back. And vintage cuts but with a beard.

In the south of France, they try to experiment, but if you go to Paris or near Paris… They’re more traditional.

i think that men do not take the time, to take care of themselves, and to style their hair. They want to style quickly -- they don’t take the time.

I’d say Canada normally is a little bit more behind than the rest of the world, or the rest of Europe. So, right now what’s trending a lot for my clients is really short on the sides, longer on top. I think more progressive men are growing the top to, like, a ponytail length.

To me, the whole ponytail on top is very Samurai-esque. I think it grew out of the original hipster who was growing the hair on top and shaving the sides and just kind of never went to get their hair cut. So, all of a sudden, it just got super-long on top… So it really evolved from the street.

I see the styles going from what I’ve seen from spring/summer collections from, like, Prada and Gucci, everything was more relaxed. It was less slick, less back -- everything was forward. It was really interesting, yet you’re still seeing, like, Tom Ford and Armani -- they’re going slick and back. So, I wouldn’t say either one is better.

A lot of beards. More thick, full beards. It’s really hot now.

Men need more education with product use. Whenever he finishes cutting his clients’ hair, he explains what he has used and how [the client] has to use it at home.
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The Art of Dressing Well

11:18 PM
Becoming a best dressed man takes effort. And, in this day and age being well dressed is not quite enough. You have to be best-dressed because appearances are vitally important to success and self esteem. 

Mastering this art takes years of practice and effort. I know because I do this for a living. As an fashion designer and image consultant, I see the gamut of appearances. And, at times I am taken aback by the lack of caring people seem to hold for their appearance. Most don’t realize that how they look is proportionate to how they are treated, both by colleagues and by clients.

This guide was written to help individuals clue into building a fashionable and best-dressed look using simple steps and easy tools. Mastering the Art of Dressing Well teaches that anyone can be better dressed by following a few fashion rules. 

  • Know Who You Are
  • Your Self Image and Style Personality
  • Choosing Colors that suit you
  • Discover Your Body Shape and dress appropriately
  • Instant wardrobe from your closet
  • Principles of charm, poise and etiquette
Knowing how to dress well for men is an essential skill you must develop. Being dressed well has more benefits than meets the eye. As man you need to master the art of dressing well.

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10:59 PM

Belvest is best known for its hybrid style of suit making that combines aspects of English and Neapolitan tailoring but with a lot less rigidity, structure, and formality. The company, based in Padova, Italy, is also one of Italy’s most progressive and innovative, creating myriad variations on the classic men’s sport coat on a seasonal basis.

Belvest is a company that trades in understatement. From their personal philosophy of “whispered” luxury, to their history of making private-label clothing for the some of the best houses in the world, the family-run Italian label has, seemingly, never felt the need to be particularly conspicuous.

Belvest has become famous for exceptional fabrics, exacting cuts, and extraordinary quality in the decades since founder Mino Nicoletto set up shop in Piazzola sul Brenta, 1964. Still the company’s base of operations to this day, the town sits near Padua, not far from Venice, in Italy’s Veneto region. The area is known for a culture deeply rooted in textiles and tailoring—a very appropriate headquarters for a company whose name is a shortened version of the Italian word belvestire, or “the art of dressing well.”

And while recent years have seen successful innovations like the advent of womenswear and a “Jacketinthebox” collection of travel-friendly garments, ultimately, Belvest’s appeal lies in its dedication to old-school technique. Cutting, construction, and detailing—these are still done largely by hand by master craftsmen. In a machine age, that’s almost as extraordinary as the clothing itself. And if you’ve ever seen a Belvest garment in person, you know that’s really saying something.
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Wardrobe Essentials (suit)

7:17 PM

Men's fashion essentials will incontestably vary in price and style according to a man's given age, income bracket, work environment, and personal style, but rarely will the actual list's substance vary from what we've compiled hereinafter.


Every man needs at least one well-tailored suit for whatever special events he'll be attending. Even if it's a "once a year" occasion, it's embarrassing to feel out of place and look like a cheapskate without a suit.

If you need only one suit, buy a classic black or gray single-breasted suit. Ask your salesperson for a classic cut that won't go out of style. That way you'll only need to change your shirt and tie to keep your look fresh and up-to-date.

The variations in design, cut, and cloth, such as two- and three- piece, or single- and double- breasted, determine the social and work suitability of the garment.

For many men, particularly in Western society, wearing a suit is reserved for special occasions, such as weddings, funerals, and other more formal social events. Hence, because they are not a daily outfit for most men, they are often viewed as being "stuffy" and uncomfortable. The combination of a tie, belt and vest can be tight and restrictive compared to contemporary casual wear.

So, the suit is the backbone of a man’s closet. It can be paired with almost anything and it lends itself to different styles whether you want to look preppy, modern or traditional.
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Dropping the Lingo is half the fun of dressing well.

2:41 PM

Houndstooth is a duo tone textile pattern characterized by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes, often in black and white, although other colours are used. The classic houndstooth pattern is an example of a tessellation.

Houndstooth checks originated in woven wool cloth of the Scottish Lowlands, but are now used in many other materials.
Houndstooth is pretty simple when you get down to the mechanics of things. Many different versions exist, but the most basic is created by weaving alternating groups of four black and four white threads together in a simple 2×2 twill pattern. That signature broken appearance comes from advancing the weave by one thread each row or column, so that edges of each check are staggered.

And though the Scots preferred a version that was woven only from black and white woolen yarns, things have shifted since the birth of the pattern. Now, you can find it in pretty much every sort of material, and color choices abound.
A few hundred years ago, you wore houndstooth to avoid a fight.
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6:02 PM

The Facts Everyone Gets Wrong About Wine

Common questions about wine service and etiquette:-
  • the right temperature for red and white, 
  • how long the wine needs to “breathe,” 
  • what exactly is a corked bottle, 
  • why we use descriptors like flowers, fruit and bizarre words such as "tar" and "forest floor" to talk about wine....
are all typical concerns for guys who love wine. That’s because when it comes to appreciating wine, there is as much myth as there is truth. Here’s a little cheat sheet to help you become an expert on the mysteries of wine.

What's the deal with "aromas" in wine?

Just because descriptors of fruits, flowers, spices, and vegetables are often used to differentiate wines does not mean that these actual products or their artificial flavour were ever added to the wine.

Type of grape, combined with soil type and wine making technique, are what create specific aromas in wine.

Descriptors are simply a way to characterize a wine’s overall aromatic style. With time and practice you will soon be able to identify aromas and thus crack wine “lingo.” What may have once seemed like a fabrication of wine tasting, like detecting notes of dried leaves and rose petals, will soon become second nature.

Ultimately, you’ll come to know what you like and how to find it on an otherwise intimidating wine list. And who knows? Maybe you’ll end up sharing a bottle with that spicy, eccentric brunette.

Look out for these commonly used descriptors:
  • FRUIT: Apple, cherry, plum, grapefruit, lemon
  • NON-FRUIT: Violets, thyme, nutmeg, green pepper, tomato vine
  • EARTH/MINERAL: Forest floor, mushroom, limestone, wet stone
  • OAKINESS: Cinnamon, vanilla, smoke, nut

Here are some ideal temperatures:

  • SPARKLING: 6-8 degrees Celsius 
  • WHITE WINE: 9-11 degrees Celsius 
  • LIGHT-BODIED REDS & FULL-BODIED WHITES: 12-13 degrees Celsius 
  • MEDIUM-BODIED REDS: 14-16 degrees Celsius 
  • FULL-BODIED REDS: 17-18 degrees

Why does wine need to be decanted?

Decanting, or pouring wine out of the bottle into another wine-holding receptacle like your wine glass, for example, is the process of “breathing” or oxygenating a wine to help its aromas and textures open up by transferring the wine from the bottle to a decanter. To decant or not decant is often an arguable topic, but there are a few situations when you can count on it to help open the wine to its full potential.

Older wine can also adapt and develop musky aromas, and decanting will help waken up the fruitier side of the wine. Bear in mind that wine becomes more delicate with age, so when decanting aged bottles, go slow a fast pour could overexpose the wine to oxygen and potentially ruin the wine.

A younger wine, on the other hand, can also benefit from decanting. A young Malbec can initially taste tight and overly tannic, like a mouthful of rocks. Letting it sit in the decanter for an hour or so can help soften it to make it more enjoyable

On the other hand, despite its age, you may simply enjoy the look of liquid red velvet in a beautiful glass decanter, and that’s just as good of a reason to decant.

The enjoyment of wine happens from the moment you select a bottle to the last sip. Hopefully, learning the truth about common wine myths can help you embrace the journey. From the first taste of apples in a perfectly chilled wine to the last drop from the decanter, your wine experience is uniquely yours.

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How To Make The Most Delicious Salad Ever.

4:00 PM

Caesar Salad
The Caesar salad is, quite possibly, the greatest salad known to man. It belongs to that most elegant category of recipes: simple ingredients, elevated to complexity by technique. Kind of like pasta carbonara or great beer.

In particular, every man, should know how to make a Caesar. It’s requires only one vegetable, after all. Whip up a Caesar when you’re having friends over for burgers on the barbecue, and we guarantee they will talk about it for the next six months.

Recipe (Serves four)


  • 2 heads of Romaine lettuce
  • 1 cup homemade croutons 
  • 1 large egg (coddled)
  • 2 cloves garlic (very finely minced)
  • 3 small anchovy fillets
  • Juice of ½ lemon
  • 2 tsps of white wine vinegar
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • Freshly grated Parmesan cheese (grate 2 tsps for the dressing, retaining the rest to be shaved over the final salad at the table)
  • Freshly ground black pepper

Making The Croutons

  1. Cut a day old loaf of bread into small cubes.
  2. Toss in a bowl with 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  3. Place on a baking tray and bake at 350oF/180oC until they are golden and crunchy. Shake them around on the tray half way through cooking to make sure all sides become crisp.
  4. Season with salt as soon as they come out of the oven, allow to cool and then store in an airtight container until you need them

Coddling The Egg

  1. Bring a pan of water to the boil.
  2. Place the whole egg in its shell into the water and leave for 45 seconds.
  3. Remove the egg and place in a dish of iced water.
  4. You can use a raw egg for this dish, but coddling gives the final sauce a much smoother, almost creamy texture.

Preparing The Salad

  1. Discard the outer leaves of the romaine lettuce and wash the remaining in cold water.
  2. Dry well and tear into bite 2 inch pieces. and keep chilled until needed.
  3. Place a dish cloth on your counter and place a large mixing bowl on top of that. (The dish cloth will stop the mixing bowl sliding around on the counter while you whisk).
  4. Combine the lemon juice, white wine vinegar and the Worcestershire sauce in the bowl with a whisk.
  5. Mash together the anchovy fillets, salt and minced garlic and add those to the bowl.
  6. Add the coddled egg to the bowl and whisk well.
  7. Drizzle the olive oil into to the bowl in a slow constant stream (as you might if you were making mayonnaise) whisking all the time to make sure that it is all combined and the dressing is emulsified.
  8. Add in 2 teaspoons of grated Parmesan cheese and mix gently.
  9. Season the salad dressing with a crack of black pepper.

To Construct The Caesar Salad

  1. Place all the dressing in to a large salad bowl.
  2. Add the salad leaves and toss gently so that all the salad leaves are covered with the dressing.
  3. Add the croutons and toss gently. Do this at the last moment, so they do not become soggy.
  4. Separate the salad into four portions and place on serving plates.
  5. Top with shavings of the remaining grated Parmesan cheese.
  6. Season each plate with a crack of black pepper. You will not need to add salt as both the Parmesan cheese and the dressing should be salty enough.
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Dropping the Lingo is half the fun of dressing well.

3:29 PM


Oftentimes, style terms that seem like they should have a pretty simple explanation, well… they don’t.

There are those lucky instances, though, where the name and the reasoning behind it are pretty easy to trace.

Take nailhead, a grid-like weave marked by a series of repeated squares or other shapes that can most readily be defined as tiny, modified T’s or L’s.

You might not recognize that connection from looking at the pattern after a trip to your local hardware store, seeing as the squared-off geometric motif doesn’t bear much resemblance to the heads of any nails you’re likely to come across. But then, times change. The now-standard wire nail—and it’s rounded top—didn’t come into being until 1910, when the mechanical process for creating it was perfected. Before that, nails were (you guessed it!) square, hence the moniker. And here you were thinking that the history of construction fasteners had nothing to do with menswear.

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S T Y L E_I C O N (Adrien Brody)

2:49 PM
Adrien Brody
Adrien Brody has received media attention for his dramatic roles as well his personal style, and he was named the Best Dressed Man in America by Esquire in 2004.

With his dark eyes and tall and lanky frame, Adrien Brody is unconventionally handsome but he carries every look off with an attractive ease. His fashion choices pair clean lines and elegant cuts with modern detailing. On the one hand, his style is the pinnacle of retro-chic, but on the other, his look is timelessly traditional.

Adrien Brody’s style is a reflection of current clothing trends as well as classic fashion staples, and his personality is always reflected in his unique apparel. A maverick of style, he would be a fitting fashion role model for any modern man.

Many of Adrien Brody’s outfits start with the most basic of male fashion staples: a nice suit. However, it is his flair for vintage-inspired accessorizing that makes his look so unique. Adrien Brody has been seen donning fedoras and driver’s caps, skinny ties, suspenders, and scarves. To get Brody’s look, try a new take on a retro classic and add a fedora to your wardrobe. A hat, like this felt Bailey Hale Fedora, would be the perfect Brody-esque accessory for a classic black suit.
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Clothes Affect Your Success With Women

2:33 PM

The study notes that girls actively sought signs of “status” when judging the man’s clothes, and they liked that look better because it suggested a good provider.

In other words, women do care what you wear, and this is why looks matter. Girls favour a put-together guy because it's likelier he can put food on the table. Does this make all women gold diggers? Not exactly.

Though like the humble homing pigeon, which can detect subtle signs to lead it home, women’s brains are awesomely adept at spotting signs on men that point to prosperity.

The goods you need to command a girl’s attention:

  • A quality timepiece. 
  • A fitted though not necessarily designer suit. 
  • A well-polished pair of oxfords or boots, and
  • A crisp button-down shirt. 
Equipped with these style essentials, you can scientifically increase your chances with women.

So, clothes can be a tool to boost your standing with the opposite sex, but what kind of style should you be channeling?

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a billionaire to win a lady’s hand.

More realistically, you just have to nail the right details.!
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Dropping the Lingo is half the fun of dressing well.

2:13 PM
The Chesterfield
The Chesterfield coat is a long, tailored overcoat. It arose along with the lounge suit as an alternative to the highly shaped coats it replaced, such as the frock overcoat with its heavy waist suppression using a waist seam. The Chesterfield has no horizontal seam or side bodies, but can still be somewhat shaped using the side seams and darts. It can be single- or double-breasted, and has been popular in a wide variety of fabrics, typically heavier weight tweeds, or charcoal and navy, and even the camel hair classic. It has often been made with a velvet collar.These variations make it extremely versatile, so it can be worn with a city suit or even semi-formal dress, as well as casual sports jackets. It was a staple of smartly dressed men's wardrobes from the 1920s to 1960s, and is still very commonly worn.

The Chesterfield, the British overcoat introduced around 1840 and subsequently named for the sixth Earl of Chesterfield.
 Though it’s currently one of the most formal overcoats a guy can wear, it actually rose to prominence as a casual alternative to the Victorian frock coat, replacing the former’s heavily suppressed waist seam with simple vertical darts for shape, and favoring a straighter, streamlined silhouette.
 Originally worn by the wealthy as a sympathetic nod to the beheaded, aristocratic brethren who fell during the French Revolution—think about where a guillotine hits your neck—it also served a far more practical purpose: The velvet section could easily be removed and replaced after it became soiled. Longer hair was the style at the time, and as bathing was a once-in-a-while kind of affair, the oils that built up in a guy’s locks tended to transfer to the collar in short order. Seems that hygiene, like formality, is a relative thing as well.

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DMC luxurious tuned "Fakhuna" Aston Martin DB-S

1:30 PM

DMC is known for its number of luxury refinement packages including the Porsche Cayenne 958 and Lamborghini Aventador LP900 Molto Veloce special edition. Now, this German luxury tuner has introduced the DMC ‘Fakhuna’, a concept design for the Aston Martin DB-S, in which carbon fiber and real actual gold are the dominant colors in the styling package.

 Equipped with larger air-intakes and a spoiler lip, an aggressive new front bumper fascia is one of the most significant changes done.

 Between the rear and front side, striking side skirt attachments render an integrated design, giving Aston Martin a uniquely lowered and more stretched look.

 The new three-part DMC forged alloy wheel is one of the most notable technical highlights in the luxury tuning program. The rim combines both the elegance and sportiness; the concave rims and exclusive titanium bolting truly emphasize the wheel dynamism, and the highly-polished rim flange also renders a noble appearance.

 However, Fakhuna has not yet made it into regular production lines; DMC gives the design, which was developed by Dutch artist Wildspeed. Also, clients interested to get the new DMC look for their DB-S’s can contact the tuner for further details.

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