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How to find the perfect rosé wines

10:11 PM
ROSÉ WINES, sometimes known as blush wines, are often the ideal accompaniment for a summer barbecue.
But between those produced in California, France, Australia and Corisca, there are countless rosés, and it can be difficult to make the right choice.

Here are six tips to keep in mind when browsing the rosé section at your local wine shop.
1) Observe the color
The ‘robe’ of a rosé can help you find the flavor you’re looking for. And unlike whites and reds, rosés almost always come in a clear bottle.
A lighter, almost clear color indicates citrus and exotic fruits notes, while a darker robe indicates notes of strawberry, blackcurrant and red fruits.
2) Identify the grape varieties
While not the most important factor when choosing a rosé, the types of grapes used can nonetheless provide some indication of tasting qualities.
While Merlot and Cabernet lend notes of red fruits, Grenache and Cinsault are characterized by more citrusy notes and tend to provide more full-bodied rosés. However, that these are generalizations and do not always hold true.
3) Remember that color is no indication of sugar content
A number of oenophiles have a penchant for either dryer or sweeter wines. And while intuition may suggest that a slightly darker wine would contain more sugar, this is a misconception. A clearer rosé is not necessarily dryer. In France, the designation of “sec” (dry) on the label may be used only on wines that contain less than 4 grams of sugar per liter.
And although labelling requirements are often different in other countries, some producers designate whether their rosés are dry or sweet.

4) For French wines look for “AOC” or “IGP” on the label
This tip applies only to French wines, where the notion of “terroir” or place is seen as perhaps the most important factor in determining a wine’s quality.
The terms “Appellation d’Origine Protégée” (AOP) or “Indication Géographique Protégée” (IGP) both prove that the wine was produced within a given territory.
In the hierarchy of wine label distinctions, AOP is the more prestigious, as it also certifies that the wine was produced according to a rigorous set of standards. Both of these distinctions may be taken as a guarantee of quality.

5) Keep certain years in mind
The year any wine was produced offers insight into its tasting qualities, and rosés are no exception. Wines from the previous year (2013, in this case) are likely to be described as fresh, lively and aromatic.
For a more full-bodied rosé, with notes of dried fruits and nuts, look to wines produced in 2012 and 2011. Finally, more mature rosés are aged between 5 and 8 years. Produced in barrels, these wines present a hint of vanilla.

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Hair Trends From Around The World

12:04 AM
Finding a great hairstylist is no easy task. It's about as easy as finding a great boss -- they're out there, but it takes a lot of trial and error.
A good hair cut, A fresh cut that, whenever you are at home, you can do it by yourself.

If you’ve got a wider face you need to narrow it down; if you’ve got a long face, you need to make it wider. If you’ve got a large forehead, you might want to decrease that size.

What makes a good haircut? 

It’s 100% a question of a feeling, where he wants to express a feeling he has about the model. To express it in his work. It’s about freedom. A man who wants to feel free. It’s 100% a question of a feeling, where he wants to express a feeling he has about the model. To express it in his work. It’s about freedom. A man who wants to feel free. People today can be quite stressed in everyday and they have to somewhere express that they can be free as well…

The biggest mistake for a man is putting body wash in the hair. It’s not OK, because it’s too hard. The most men's problems on the hair is the skin -- they have a skin that’s not OK.

The most product he knows is the gel.

There’s a lot of other things you can do for your styling.

No experimental. The normal man is coming every time and saying, "The same cut as last time."

I’ll show you the cool guy -- this is better than words. CHECK OUT THE PICTURES. In the big cities, in Frankfurt or Berlin, are the guys... They have a full beard, tattoos. A classic haircut and the beard or something like that. This is the style. 

The first thing is the barber on the backside. He must do a very good job for a good haircut. And the technical, and to have a look. To have a feeling of what looks good on the man. It’s lifestyle. When [he] comes in and sits down, we have a talk together.

There's a return of the beard.A lot of length at the top of the head and very short in the back. And vintage cuts but with a beard.

In the south of France, they try to experiment, but if you go to Paris or near Paris… They’re more traditional.

i think that men do not take the time, to take care of themselves, and to style their hair. They want to style quickly -- they don’t take the time.

I’d say Canada normally is a little bit more behind than the rest of the world, or the rest of Europe. So, right now what’s trending a lot for my clients is really short on the sides, longer on top. I think more progressive men are growing the top to, like, a ponytail length.

To me, the whole ponytail on top is very Samurai-esque. I think it grew out of the original hipster who was growing the hair on top and shaving the sides and just kind of never went to get their hair cut. So, all of a sudden, it just got super-long on top… So it really evolved from the street.

I see the styles going from what I’ve seen from spring/summer collections from, like, Prada and Gucci, everything was more relaxed. It was less slick, less back -- everything was forward. It was really interesting, yet you’re still seeing, like, Tom Ford and Armani -- they’re going slick and back. So, I wouldn’t say either one is better.

A lot of beards. More thick, full beards. It’s really hot now.

Men need more education with product use. Whenever he finishes cutting his clients’ hair, he explains what he has used and how [the client] has to use it at home.
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