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Def Style's 10 ways to Improve Appearances.

What's the easiest way to look like $1 million?

10.Shine your shoes

  • Nothing can ruin an otherwise fantastic ensemble faster than a pair of dirty shoes, so once every couple of weeks, take a quick glance at your shoes to determine their scuff factor.

9.Part your hair 

  • Parting your hair signifies a certain level of pride in your appearance and is universally flattering when done correctly.

8.Wear dress shoes

  • Particularly if your footwear of choice for daytime is sneakers, switching things up and donning dress shoes will really make you stand out. Slipping on some dress shoes will result in a more professional, gentlemanly look, making you more popular both with your boss and the ladies.

7.Use fabric softener

  • A surprisingly versatile product, fabric softener sheets not only make your clothes more touchably soft than using detergent alone, it also gives them a long-lasting scent of clean and even help repel unwanted lint and hair from your clothes.

6.Wear a shirt with a V-neck

  • V-necks draw the eye upward, the emphasis is on your face so that you're at your most handsome no matter what your body type.

5.Iron your clothes 

  • It's a shame how many men regularly wear wrinkled clothing. Sure, it takes a couple of hours out of your schedule to properly iron your clothes each week and dress shirts can be particularly tricky, but the payoff is worth it as it will take your appearance from sloppy to polished.

4.Pluck stray hairs 

  • Getting rid of unsightly hairs on and around your face is a quick way to enhance your appearance. Women, especially, will appreciate your effort as obvious nose and ear hairs are a major turnoff to them.

3.Stand up straight 

  • Proper posture improves your appearance in so many ways. Not only does it make you look taller, it also pulls in your belly so that your stomach is more taught and your body seems leaner. Additionally, you come off as more confident when you stand up straight.


  • It's seems so simple, but putting a smile on your face will completely revolutionize how others interact with you.

1.Throw on a blazer

  • There are some pieces of clothing that instantly make you look and feel more classy and confident, and a blazer is one of them. No matter what you're wearing, a blazer will take your ensemble to the next level, even if you're just dashing out to buy beer at the convenience store. What's more, a blazer's structured style means you also appear more dominant, which will score you points at work and in your social life.

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