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Charismatic is the word! When most guys think about being charismatic, they think about what they need to say to impress a women, a boss or even a client. Besides, body language is just as important, if not more so! Our mouth isn’t the only part of your body that talks. In fact, all those sounds that come out of our face may not mean nearly as much as the signals we send with the rest of our body. Like our posture, facial expression. and hand gestures. Even that thing we do with our eyebrows when we’re nervous. Guys need to think about the messages their body language is sending because all of these things communicate information to other people.

Wearing the right kind of clothes and taking care of our hair and skin will give us confidence, and we’ll project that confidence immediately upon walking into the room! Projecting positive body language starts long before we walk out the door.

We have to complete an effective use of social contact. We should constantly patting people on the back and enthusiastically shaking hands. This radiates positive energy. We don’t want to be touchy-feely guy, but don’t hesitate to shake hands or pat someone's back for a job well done.

A smile might say more about us than just about any other aspect of our body language. When onlookers see us smiling, they instantly know that we’re comfortable, relaxed and having fun. A million-dollar smile. It’s warm and infectious. That’s charisma.

Standing up straight is another essential element of good body language.Guys who stand tall look like winners! So, just keep our shoulders back and our chin up.

Another important element of charismatic body language is keeping our body open. Essentially, that just means we don’t want to put objects in between us and other people. For instance, don’t stand facing the bar, stand facing away from the bar. Give people the opportunity to come up and meet us. Don’t cross our arms.. try not to hold our drink out in front of our chest. There’s something subtly defensive about these postures.

Avoiding eye contact makes us look shifty or painfully shy. Charismatic guys are confident and comfortable carrying on a conversation. So look others in the eye, especially women, they often list “eyes” as one of the most attractive male characteristics.

Whatever the occasion, we should never looks out of place, never overdressed, never underdressed. Adjust
our clothing to set the tone.

Body language speaks a thousand words. 

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