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Nobody to Somebody

Start small, move up the ladder

Nobody has patience anymore. It's no longer just about instant gratification, it's about instant gratification that someone else works for on your behalf. You can almost never amount to anything in life or appreciate what it is to be a somebody unless you start off as a nobody. So, here i am;  my voyage and my experiences. I've learned and still learning.

Get money

Buy your way into being important. The more money you have, the more people want to be with you. Go figure. There is nothing like walking into a place and saying: "I need to spend a lot of money" to get you noticed. But this is fleeting importance, and having cash isn't enough to make you a permanent somebody.

Have street cred

In my line of work, once you are made or even if you are associated with a family you are a somebody. Having a reputation on the street helps, how you go about it is a whole other article.

Make a big move

There is nothing like a big move to get you noticed. Whether it's a big heist, a large merger or an important speech, you can climb up the significance ladder pretty quickly by doing something that will be archived in the history books.

Be an expert

Everyone always needs the opinion of other people. Even I can admit when i don't know anything, i have to call someone to tell me what that is. But when I call, I want to call the best because I know the best knows what he is doing and how he can help me before I even open my mouth. It's not enough to be an authority on something -- you have to be the authority to get recognized. So instead of being satisfied as a regular lawyer, accountant, computer geek, whatever, be the best in your field. Have some trait that is exclusive to you and don't be a generic idiot like most people.

Take risks

This is hit and miss, but in life, certain risks pay off. There are too many examples of things you can do, so I'm not going to waste my time listing them.

Have a spiel

You want to get noticed? You want to stand out from the crowd? Have some unique "thing" people remember you by. It could be a unique look (none of that earring or dyed-hair crap, though), a unique way of talking, a smirk, a gesture, whatever. Have something that makes you different, an original spiel that's your calling card. Like if you live in Kedah, be a stylish guy with  different hair, and you'll stand out among the typical people all around you. Throw in a British accent or something for good measure. The point is to be quirky, be eccentric, have a presence, but don't look like a fool.

Have a lady with significance

It's amazing what having the right woman on your arm can do for you. Have a classy, sophisticated, cultured woman whose self-confidence makes your own back straighten up and you will win by association. After all, the latter kind of lady is in high demand; if she is with you, then it means you got something, kid, that others don't.

Talk to people

Being connected doesn't hurt. The more people you know, the more people you have conversations with, the more you can open doors for yourself or others. Don't be a Rolodex whore who collects business cards like a bum collects tin cans, but be someone who talks to people with a hidden agenda and stays in touch. A rainmaker of sorts. Be the guy who gets things done. Be Joe, the guy who knows this guy or that guy. That sort of thing.

Have power

This is the most obvious way to become a somebody . But accumulating power isn't straightforward. Having a position that inherently has power attached to it is the easiest way to go. Being the CEO of a company(ultimate goal of mine), a big-shot consultant, a mayor of a major town, a college dean, the boss of a Family, a bank manager, whatever, all of that helps. But you already have to be a somebody to get to those positions. So place yourself in positions where you can wield power and influence, and the rest will inevitably follow.

In the end, being a somebody isn't all it's cracked up to be (people always want a piece of you, and you become a bigger target for your enemies), but it doesn't suck. Especially when you don't have to pretend you're some neurosurgeon anymore.

Watch your backs and keep your noses clean.


Watch your backs and keep your noses clean. - ahaha..i like tat.... true facts. - “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.”-

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