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T R U S T... What a Word!

The word is overused, misunderstood and abused to the point that it is almost worthless.

Trust, to me, is a simple matter. It boils down to a pure essence, one that smells nothing like a rat. Trust is just a series of repeat visits that coincide with the expectations of the truster, such that the truster doesn't have to be breathing down the other person's neck eight days a week. Trust is being where you’re supposed to be, when you're supposed to be, doing what you said you would do.

Trust is difficult to gain, but much more easily lost and almost impossible to win back. It can be lost through no fault of your own, such as by miscommunication or by bad timing. Another way to lose it is by getting sloppy and letting the quality of your work slide. 

Every person has the right to do what makes them happy and having a social life should not shake the foundation of your relationship. If he is going to cheat, he doesn't need to go to a bar to do so...or staying out late and if he didn't love you, he would just be single!

Oftentimes, your own insecurities and mistrust may be triggered by past experiences and not necessarily your significant other. If your love is strong and you are willing, discuss the boundaries you need to have in order to feel secure, and mutually create how you want the relationship to work with regards to socializing.
It's time we got control of our emotions. This fear is caused by our subconscious mind and can be changed once we discover what it is that's haunting us and making us feel so insecure if and when he goes out. If you can't trust him, then your relationship will never be a good one. Learn to let go of your fears or you may end up losing him for good.

Learn to Trust

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