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Status Is Something, We Can't Buy It....

When we talk about status, we don't mean privilege or wealth. The way you project your status has very little to do with how rich your family is or how much of a snob you can manage to act like. 

1. Own a personal space. -The space around you belongs to you, and you should try your best to indicate that you're comfortable and at home in it.

2. Maintain a strong posture. -Look at your profile in the mirror frequently enough and you'll get the hang of maximizing the height you have to work with.

3. Understand eye contact. - We don't want you to stare down everyone you meet, but one of the most blatant indicators of submissiveness you can give is to immediately break eye contact and look down after meeting someone's gaze. 

4. Always be the best- dressed guy in the room. -Often the very first thing people will notice about you is how you're dressed, and if they immediately disapprove of what they see, none of this other body language is going to be much help. 

5. Speak clearly and directly. -People who display a high status with their speech know their business, and they speak directly about it. They're not unnecessarily angry or arrogant, but they are direct.

6. Be above conflict. -Even resoundingly winning an argument isn't always the best way to look like you're on top of things -- sometimes it's more effective to be above those arguments entirely.

7. Maintain stillness. -Picture a guy in a hot, uncomfortable suit, waiting for someone who's 20 minutes late, and then avoid every single thing that guy does. Touching your hands, touching your face, repeatedly checking the time, or almost anything else that isn't a deliberate, conscious movement makes you seem uncertain and out of your element.

8. Direct conversations. -Monopolizing conversations is unwise, and acting like a self-involved jerk is absolutely not what we're gotta do. Our apparent status is enhanced if you seem more engaged when speaking than when listening.

9. Don't be an easy read. -Don't sacrifice sociability for status, but if you can keep your reactions a little muted, you'll seem more sophisticated and in charge than a guy who appears astonished by everything he hears.

10. Don't get too personal. -Treating your friends like vague strangers is certainly not the goal here, but when you are dealing with people you don't know well, sharing too much personal information and diminishes you. So, most likely show you're sociable and friendly, but be aware of their effects, because in a situation where the status you're projecting is especially important, they will matter.

  • Status is about self-worth, not material worth.
  • Status symbols can change.
  • Status requires everyone's participation
  • Wealth without class is likely to reveal our lack of status rather than obscure it.


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