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The New Classics (White Shirts)

Unlike fashion, the elements of men's style remain constant. After all, there's a reason why the two-button suit is deemed a "classic" -- it operates under the assumption that if it looked impressive on Cary Grant some 70 years ago, that it should, in theory, look good on you today and on your grandson down the sartorial road.

The New Classics. Whether it's your dress watch, white shirt, navy blazer, or blue jeans, take notes and get ready to refine.

TS Antique White Oxford

The antique white oxford from Taylor Stitch is a little more real than your average white oxford. The shade isn’t as pearly white as you’ll see from other brands producing white shirts, coming prefaded and ready to wear to either a cocktail party or pig roast. It is cut shorter and tighter for a more tapered look, and doesn’t have any pleats on the sleeve or back to make ironing as easy as possible. This is the new, great American oxford.  

American Apparel Pinpoint Oxford

American Apparel has taken heat for being a hipster black hole. The pinpoint oxford is a classic button-down white shirt with a slim, modern cut best worn on its own with jeans or with a casual blazer.


Seize Sur Vingt MLX JFK Shirt

Men’s tailored buttondown shirt. White solid. This model is a slim fit with clean lines and appearance. This shirt is made from 100% Egyptian Giza Cotton woven in Italy. Single needle stitch construction with gentle scallop tail, split yoke shoulders, front placket and Mother of Pearl buttons. Made in Portugal and Italy. Best selling classic men’s long sleeve shirt.

 Theory Marco P Dress Shirt

Theory's white shirt is a must-have basic for any wardrobe, whether your style veers toward preppy or punk. In fact, it's so versatile you'll want to stock up on this model because you'll end up wearing it on a near daily basis. Worn alone, it's stunning -- the kind of shirt that will make women look twice when you walk down the street. It's also the perfect base layer for pairing underneath cardigans, blazers, and cropped or long jackets. And because it's such a classic, it makes pulling off a trendy item or two in your ensemble much easier.


 Lost in the fog? Not to worry, expert team of fashion will guide us through...



It's true that sometimes men tend to overlook the simple details like cufflinks. Although most men would pay thousands of dollars for a simple watch they should not forget that sometimes those simple details are the things that completes the whole ensemble. It would be wise to also invest on cufflinks from their everyday look to special occasions.

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