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How To Wear A T-Shirt

Def Style's 6 Ways To Wear A T-Shirt. 

Like a pair of jeans, the humble T-shirt is the must have item of a man’s wardrob, they are the building blocks that you can take in any direction you please, dressing them up or down depending on the occasion. Whether they’re timeless or trendy, to find out which T-shirts should be in our wardrobe right now.

1.The polo T-shirt
Wear it with: White trousers in the summer and your own accessories. Once upon a time, polo shirts were the domain of golfers and prepsters. Everything changed when successful advertising campaigns by companies like Ralph Lauren and Lacoste made us all realize how incredibly versatile this piece was. No matter what your style, a polo will be a useful addition to your wardrobe that you’ll be able to adapt to your unique look.  

2.The nautical tee
Wear it with: It’s stunning with white, so dress it up with a white blazer or keep it casual with cotton shorts. The nautical tee successfully combines fashion with function. Whether you’re down at the docks or chilling on a yacht, a nautical tee will stand you in good stead. Like this long-sleeved model from Ralph Lauren, you’ll want to get yours in lightweight cotton, which can be thrown straight into the wash in order to maximize its usage. Even if you don’t have a perfect physique, don’t be put off by wearing horizontal stripes as these are some of the most flattering lines you’ll ever come across.            

3.The graphic T-shirt
Wear it with: Make a graphic statement by mixing this T-shirt with gray jeans or corduroys, and throw on a blazer for funky, fuss-free style on a wild night out. Having made a major impact on the T-shirt market when it first appeared, the graphic tee remains a wardrobe must-have for stylish men from Johannesburg to Jacksonville to Kuala Lumpur.
4.The sports T-shirt
Wear it with: Slim fitting jeans and canvas sneakers. While you can’t get away with wearing your favorite player’s jersey on a regular basis as it’s neither acceptable office wear nor particularly stylish, you can show your love for the game at work by playing with a carefully chosen sports tee.
5.The deep V-neck T-shirt
Wear it with: Blazers make it smarter, cuffed denim keeps it casual and layering a cardigan over it takes it into fall. While a V-shaped neckline is never really outdated, you can increase the style quotient of your ensemble by choosing a tee with a deep V-neck rather than the standard collarbone length style. It's seasonless and will slim a less-than-ideal shape, making it appear more masculine. At the same time, the neckline isn’t so low that you’ll feel cheesy in it.
6.The granddad T-shirt
Wear it with: Denim or pressed cotton pants. In colder months, layer it underneath a plaid shirt to try out the American revival trend. Essentially a short-sleeve Henley, the granddad tee is reminiscent of those long-sleeve thermals your old man’s old man wore. This dark-navy option from G-Star is cut to skim the body and show off a gym-toned physique to its full advantage without being skin tight. 
You probably wear them so often you barely think about them, but the introduction of the T-shirt initiated a style revolution, just think about what it did for stars like James Dean and Steve McQueen and its power will become crystal clear.

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