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Cologne(The art of fragrance)

Choosing a cologne is not a task to take lightly. Much like choosing the proper suit, a cologne must fit you and your lifestyle. When it comes to knowing how to pick a cologne, choose a base scent you feel comfortable wearing. Almost every cologne designed for men is based on a strong note of musk, sandalwood or citrus, which provides the foundation for lighter notes of spice and floral options. Finding the right combination to complement your lifestyle enhances your presence in the room or group and often makes a better first impression than any handshake.

Best cologne option

burberry the beat
Acqua Di Parma Colonia

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men

calvin klien men- Euphoria

Canali Men

Duc de Verins ‘L’Elegance Pour Homme Extreme’

Duc de Verins ‘L’Elegance Pour Homme Extreme’

HM by Hanae Mori Paris

Jo Malone Sweet Lime & Cedar

john varvatos artisan

kenzo power

Lanvin L'Homme Sport

paul smith extreme cologne

Rochas Man

Subtil Pour Homme by Salvatore Farragamo

the one by dolce & gabbana

Tom Ford Beauty Noir De Noir Private Blend

Versace pour homme

Yves saint Laurent l'homme


Cologne dos

  • Try before you by.
  • Reapply if you have dry skin.
  • Apply after a hot shower.

Cologne don’ts

  • Douse.
  • Use scented soaps.
  • Think one scent is enough.
  • Wait around  (habit of hoarding unopened cologne bottles for use at a later date.)
Being a man is a complicated existence, but these colognes give you a touchstone of what you ought to be. They are unwavering in their presence yet quietly stoic through base notes of wood and earth. This type of scent is a throwback, if you will, to a time when being a man’s man meant something.

This are My Best Colognes. 

Marc Jacobs BANG
Chanel Allure Homme

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