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Montreal debut for YOO inspired by Starck

PHILIPPE STARCK has unveiled images detailing his luxurious ‘Yoo inspired by Starck’ Quebec design debut.‘Yoo Montreal‘ is a 20-storey residential complex comprising 96 apartments decked out with hot tubs and fireplace-adorned terraces.Offering unrivaled views over downtown Montreal, Starck’s interior design concept echoes the rawness of the building’s architecture, with heavy use of concrete, timber and leather representing the mineral, vegetable and animal elements of the natural world.
ADVERTISEMENTReflective surfaces add a playful element to the utilitarian space, which features polished chromes and sparkling chandeliers contrasted against concrete flooring.

Horse imagery is a common reference throughout the design, incorporated as an homage to the area’s locally famous Griffintown Stables.Buyers will be able to choose from three design palettes for the apartments: Minimal, Nature and Culture.“Montreal is an extremely unique city,” says French designer Starck. “I don’t believe there is anything like it anywhere else in the world.“The colorful mosaic, cultural richness, and vibrancy of Montreal and its Griffintown district provide the ideal soil for the creation of the kind of fertile surprises that Yoo specializes in — spaces and objects designed to open people’s eyes, engage conversation and spark interaction.”
 Construction of Yoo Montreal will start this summer and the project is set to be completed in 2016.



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