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The Art of Dressing Well

Becoming a best dressed man takes effort. And, in this day and age being well dressed is not quite enough. You have to be best-dressed because appearances are vitally important to success and self esteem. 

Mastering this art takes years of practice and effort. I know because I do this for a living. As an fashion designer and image consultant, I see the gamut of appearances. And, at times I am taken aback by the lack of caring people seem to hold for their appearance. Most don’t realize that how they look is proportionate to how they are treated, both by colleagues and by clients.

This guide was written to help individuals clue into building a fashionable and best-dressed look using simple steps and easy tools. Mastering the Art of Dressing Well teaches that anyone can be better dressed by following a few fashion rules. 

  • Know Who You Are
  • Your Self Image and Style Personality
  • Choosing Colors that suit you
  • Discover Your Body Shape and dress appropriately
  • Instant wardrobe from your closet
  • Principles of charm, poise and etiquette
Knowing how to dress well for men is an essential skill you must develop. Being dressed well has more benefits than meets the eye. As man you need to master the art of dressing well.


To master the art of dressing well? Master you topeh first bro! Six pack then post this.

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