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Chocolate Temptation

Granted, when a girl uses the word “sweet” to describe a guy, it can sometimes be the kiss of death. Sometimes, though, sweet is exactly what she wants.

It’s a well-known fact: Everyone is crazy about chocolate. So crazy, that according to Surveys, 96% of Americans spend more than $7 billion every year on the sweet stuff. Holiday months are no exception. This month marks the holiday known as “Sweetest Day,” and it’s all about celebrating the sweet tooth in all of us. Some may think chocolate obsession is a bit overrated, but when the girl in your life (or the one you want in your life) feeds her cravings, it only makes u feel like a million bucks. I name this 'Chocolate Temptation '.

Chocolate contains 'phenylethylamine', which creates feelings of positive energy that are said to mimic those of falling in love. Plus, some studies show that the tryptophan in chocolate also ups serotonin levels in the brain, which will fill us with feelings of happiness. Here’s why this matters! 'Chocolate Temptation '... Physiologically, chocolate is a mood-booster.

'Chocolate Temptation' for me like i dip a fork into a piece of chocolate cake and then close my eyes and smile when i takes that first bite.. Being around 'Chocolate Temptation ' makes me dining at Oaxacan Mexican restaurant for some savory mole sauce, which contains an astonishing 30 or more ingredients, including chocolate!

The one you’d call pretty and sweet. The one 'Chocolate Temptation' And by choosing to give her gifts that symbolize just how sweet i think she is, I'm getting some serious brownie points for the future. So I'll be the man on Sweetest Day and show her how delectable I can be.
Chocolate Temptation

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